BecomeWhole 300hr Training

300hr deepening yoga studies certification

BecomeOne's teacher training is based on Functional, Practicality and Practice.   Making yoga not about the pose, but about how they can support your day-to-day life.  Through the study of anatomy and movement of each pose you will learn the proper alignment both physically and energetically that will reinforce the use of your body on and off the mat. We will delve into the more subtle practice that the system of Yoga offers for your own well being and self care above all and once embodied for sharing with others.  

Our 300 hours of more diverse studies is broken up into  modules varying from 20hrs - 108hrs equaling 270 contact hours and 30 hours of homework. They can be taken out of order at ones availability. For more information please email :

Option 1 Sign up for the entire course and receive your 300 hour certification (includes membership at BecomeOne Wholeness during the training)
Tuition : $3,350.00 *Payment plans available

Option 2 Sign up on a module by module basis. Each module will count toward your 300 hour so you can go at your own pace. They do not have to be taken in any specific order and do not expire.  Yoga Teachers will receive 40 CEUs for each module. To register for individual modules visit our events page.

Program Breakdown
Investment: 60 hour modules: $800 each module * Early bird $700
50 hour modules $ 950 each module * Early bird $850
Class time: hours
Study time & Assignments: 12 hours
*All books must be read before starting the module . Each student will also receive a manual for each section. 

Functional Yoga/Anatomy  (80hrs)

Module 1 : Functional Yoga, Functional Anatomy, Hands on assists and adjustments, & Intelligent sequencing (peak pose)

What is the purpose of the yoga poses we do in our practices? Do you understand their function, benefits, and how they can be used to empower others and to remedy dis-ease in their body? The study of anatomy for functional yoga will take your practice and teaching to a new and more thorough level of understanding yoga beyond the traditional alignment of the poses.

The deeper understanding that will come by studying functional yoga will make you a more dynamic teacher. You will learn to teach to individuals rather than the masses.This course will evolve your understanding of yoga, propel you forward and provide a safer, and more functional practice for your students so that they can begin to connect with their bodies, remedy their disease, and heal.

Material covered:

  • Understand what the difference between Function and Aesthetics

  • Learn how to read individual body alignment to better support the individual

  • Skeletal deviations - explore the concept “EveryBODY is different”

  • Breakdown common poses learn in a 200 hour TT according to their function and target areas

  • Advanced Asana

  • Anatomy including: muscle attachements and their function according to each specific yoga pose

  • Assists, the different forms of assisting and hand-on practice

  • Intelligent sequencing for all different styles and types of classes plus” peak poses”

“Studying skeletal variations of different people in various poses has offered me the knowledge of Function over Form. I studied an Alignment based teaching style for a long time and it has it purposes though so does allowing someone the space and freedom to explore there skeletal make-up in the present moment and time.” - Jody Domerstad

Time: Saturday & Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm


  • Jan 5th, 6th

  • Jan 26th, 27th

  • Feb 9th, 10th  

  • March 2nd, 3rd

  • March 16th, 17th

Investment:   Early bird $1200 (Dec 1st)   * $1400 (after Dec 1st)

Contact hrs:   80 hrs * Assignments: 10 hours

The Art of Subtly

module 2: Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga,

Study and investigate the healing properties that yoga has to offer while exploring hands on healing techniques.  Learn how to use the poses to assist someone in healing their body, mind, and soul.

  • Learn the inner working of the brain scientifically and how it affects healing

  • Learn the Neurological reasons while yoga, meditation, and other modalities assist in healing

  • Learn to create a safe space for healing to occur

  • Learn the difference between yin & restorative yoga

  • What is energy work & explore a few different types

  • Explore subtle body - chakra, kosha, and nadis

  • Yin and Restorative intensives

Areas of study:

Reiki level I  & Reiki level II  

Restorative Yoga

Yin yoga

Energy work

Beyond the Body  

BEYOND the BODY. Did you want to learn more about the practice of yin? Explore ways to encourage people to slow down and reflect on whats under the skin? This training will educate you on how to stimulate and affect the body’s meridian system, which enhances the body’s energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium. Since Yin Yoga prepares both the body and the mind for deeper experiences, you will learn meditation techniques to share with your class to access a different experience.

This course will focus on and connect the mental and emotional dimension of the body using:

  • Meridian System

  • Chakra System

  • Acupressure points

  • Pranayama practices

  • Meditation techniques

  • Learn how to create a safe envirmonet using languaging

  • Sequence according to the meridian and chakra

  • How to use Yin to support your private clients in health issues

  • Review the 7 archetypal poses & variations

  • Review Skeletal variations (differences in shapes of bones and mobility

Weekend 1: Oct. 27th, 28th
Weekend 2: Nov. 10th, 11th
Weekend 3: Dec. 1st, 2nd

Saturdays: 9:30am-5:30pm
Sunday: 9:30am-5:30pm

Pay in full before Sept. 30th - $700
Pay in full before Oct. 1st - $800


Neuroscultping® Meditation Immersion (Training Level I 20hrs)

Change is the only constant, and for most of us change – even change we want in our lives – is stressful! Our basic sense of safety relies on our ability to predict our future’s outcomes, but when our predictions are challenged by change the brain easily and quickly resorts to stress and fear. Neurosculpting® is a cutting-edge modality integrating mindfulness and neuroscience into a simple five-step whole brain approach to heal trauma, rewrite limiting beliefs, and find wholeness.

This training is a comprehensive dive into the theory, practices and daily application of this modality.

In this course you will:

  • Identify your personal limiting beliefs

  • Learn about the limbic system and its relationship to fear, and the prefrontal cortex and its relationship to our higher self.

  • Create a mind-body map for neurological associations

  • Navigate and use six reprogramming/meditation techniques

  • Apply a neurological overlay to existing limitations

  • Create a new and limitless belief system

Consider this a BOOT CAMP experience! 

Students take this immersion to create deep and lasting transformation, and many use it to fulfill one of the core pre-requisites to eventually go on to the Neurosculpting® certification program.

This program is based on the curriculum outlined in Lisa Wimberger's book, NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear (required reading)

Meditation & Philosophy Training (60hrs)

Module 4 : Meditation, Philosophy, Theming, Dharma talks, Contemplation, Self-inquiry, & and opportunity for a new perspective.

I have studied different forms of meditation and philosophy for the past 25 years. From Classical Yoga and Vedantic to tibetan buddhism and taoism and yet none worked for me until I learned how the brain functions and its purpose. By learning how the brain functions I learned how to train it so I could meditate to change deep neural grooves into life enhancing beliefs and habits plus understand my triggers and start a deeper conversation with Self.

In this immersion you will learn the anatomy of the brain, breaking down the different parts and their the functions, as well as brain's overall purpose. From understanding brain anatomy and function we will delve into different forms of meditation in different cultures, discussing the differences and similarities to figure out which connects to our soul and is the best for us in this moment.

This module is for all levels from the yoga teacher who wants to learn how to teach meditation to someone with no experience at all and just wants to learn for themselves. The techniques and teaching shared with you are the ones I have used to overcome addiction, brain surgery, TBI, and most recently a paralyzing infectious disease which attacked my nervous system. Everything is possible once you have the understanding and tools.

We will look at and explore the following types of meditation: Nidra - deep relaxation, Neuroscultping® , Japa, Guided meditations, Shamata, Metta, Loving kindness, mindfulness, and Vipassana.

  • Understanding how the brain works physiologically and anatomically

  • Demystify the practice of meditation

  • Understand and learn how to use meditation according to how your brain works

  • Learn different styles of meditation

  • Experiment with meditation techniques finding the one that works for you

  • What are the different types of philosophy?

  • Why is Philosophy important?

  • Discuss in details:

    • Bhagavad Gita

    • Yoga sutras

    • myths,

    • Gods and Goddess stories

    • The three Malas

    • Tattvas

  • Integrating philosophy into your life - how to make it practical

  • Understanding Myths & the purpose they serve

  • The difference between Dharma talk and theming

Every weekend will include:

  • yoga class

  • silent time for contemplation and journaling.

  • Meditation

Beyond the Body (80hr Training)

Meditate to affect the Subtle body while understanding the philosophic teachings to support us to stay steady and committed to our practice, to our growth, and to our students.

  • Mediation Training and practices

  • Navigate the sutler layers of the human body

  • The 5 koshas (sheaths), Chakras, Nadis

  • Explanation and discuss of Energy work

  • Reiki I - Certification

  • Learn basic navigation and manipulation of the chakra system and the corresponding auric layers.

  • Learn how to run energy through the body for clearing and information

  • Materials you will need: a notebook or journal and pen, a comfy pillow, snacks, a voice recorder if you want to record the sessions.