Everything Changes

Be still; quietly remember the presence of and within yourself, and you will know, without thinking, that while all around you everything changes, within you lives something unchanging.” ~ Guy Finley

What daily rituals do you do that tether you to your soul? What practices have you cultivated that hold you when no one or nothing else can? What genuinely anchors you in the knowing that steadiness is inside of you, not outside?

As I sit waiting for the snowstorm I remember a time when I was at the beach with the sun beaming down while I played wildly and care free in the ocean, or when I walked in the park barefoot feeling the fallen leaves under my feet as the autumn chill cooled my entire being. Just like nature our lives are constantly changing. Some days we feel unstoppable other days getting out of bed seems like a chore.

Throughout my recovery the past two years not one thing in my outer world has been unchanging. The way I used to live my life doesn’t work anymore. Foods that I used to enjoy no longer agree with me, certain places I cannot be in for too long because my brain cannot withstand the stimulus. Each day I waver back and forth between feeling great, and feeling like I would never recover. Exhausting. Seemed some days I had forgotten everything I learned from yoga and meditation.

The only thing constant is change and we need to be still, stay steady, and turn inside for reassurance and support that we’ll make it through.

Here’s one thing I’ve discovered tethers me to my soul . . . When the external feels overwhelming and chaotic I pause, breathe, step back, and remember that this too shall pass. I stay anchored in my faith and trust that belief.