Monday* 7:45pm- 8:45pm

BecomeOne Wholeness

A Brain Training Protocol to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness. 
Neurosculpting® is a trademarked 5-step process of meditation and mental entrainment designed to enhance the brain’s natural neuroplasticity while helping to heal and rewrite deep stress patterns.  Train your brain with the 5-step Neurosculpting process.  

The practice can be as simple as some daily meditations and mental exercises, and as comprehensive as a full life-plan to include nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, and one-on-one support.


BecomeOne Yoga (open level)

Saturday* 8am- 9:15am   Sunday  *  8am- 9:15am  


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Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is a quiet and simple practice, but not necessarily an easy practice.

Stillness, Longer holds, reflection, an overall healing practice. This practice is a great compliment to all the activity you do whether power yoga, vinyasa, or CrossFit and running. 

Yin offers an opportunity to target certain muscles, in poses that individually suit your needs for a longer period of time to access the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues — ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascisa.