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Functional Yoga/Anatomy Training (50hrs)

  • BecomeOne Wholeness 485 Valley Brook Avenue Lyndhurst, NJ, 07071 United States (map)

Function over Aesthetic:

What is the purpose of the yoga poses we do in our practices? Do you understand their function, benefits, and how they can be used to empower others to remedy dis-ease in their body? The study of anatomy for functional yoga will take your practice and teaching to a new and more thorough level of understanding yoga beyond the traditional alignment of the poses.


The deeper understanding that will come by studying functional yoga will make you a more dynamic teacher. You will learn to teach to individuals rather than the masses.This course will evolve your understanding of yoga, propel you forward and provide a safer, and more functional practice for your students so that they can begin to connect with their bodies, remedy their disease, and heal.

Material covered:

  • Difference between Function and Aesthetism

  • Learn how to read bodies

  • Skeletal deviations

  • Subtle body

  • History of Yoga

    • Answer to the question: Why are most teachers not taught functional yoga?

  • Breakdown of common poses highlighted in 200 hour TT (their function and target areas)

  • Room to explore, question, and investigate



Meetings are once a month



April 7 & 8

May 19 & 20

June 2 & 3

Early Bird:


End Feb 28th - $600

March 1st - March 31st - $700

April 1st - $800


“Studying skeletal variations of different people in various poses has offered me the knowledge of Function over Form. I studied an Alignment based teaching style for a long time and it has it purposes though so does allowing someone the space and freedom to explore there skeletal make-up in the present moment and time.” - Jody Domerstad